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Image by Paula Palmieri

Why Horses?

Horses are majestic and magical beings and people who have been in the presence of a horse often report the calming and healing effect they provide.


What makes them truly special is that they are highly attuned and sensitive to their surroundings. This gives them this very special ability to connect with humans on a deep emotional, mental, and energetic level that no other animal can match. Horses live in the present moment, are excellent listeners and they reflect our inner states always in the most honest, unbiased, and non-judgmental way. This makes them great coaches, healers, and teachers, providing invaluable insights to the inner workings of our minds and emotions.


With their gentle yet powerful presence, horses can help people explore their emotions and develop deeper awareness of their inner self. Horses can sense what we need and naturally provide gentle guidance and support, creating an atmosphere of trust and connection that can have a profound effect on people and their lives.

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