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What is Equine Facilitation?

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Equine Facilitation offers a unique, transformative experience that utilizes the power and wisdom of horses mentioned above to bring about self discovery, personal growth, transformation, and healing.


Through guided exercises and interactions with horses on the ground, individuals, couples, or groups can observe and interact with the horses in ways to help them gain insight, clarity, and understanding.

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By working with the horses participants can learn to trust themselves and others, and create meaningful connections with the natural world and the people around them. Through equine facilitation, people can gain the courage and wisdom they need to make positive life changes. If you are looking for a unique and transformative experience, Heike and her horse team are the perfect partners for the journey. With Heike's compassionate guidance and the horses' gentle wisdom, you can gain the insight and support you need to make empowered decisions and take your life to the next level.


Equine Facilitation is not horsemanship and it is not horseback riding. All work with the horses is performed on the ground. You do not need to have any horse experience whatsoever to participate in or benefit from a private session or workshop

Benefits of Equine Facilitation

1. Improved communication and connection with self and others:

Equine facilitation provides a unique opportunity to develop communication and connection skills. Through the use of horsemanship and other activities, individuals can explore their own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and how they interact with others.


2. Increased self-confidence and self-efficacy:

Working with horses can help build self-confidence and self-efficacy, as well as facilitate the development of problem-solving skills.


3. Stress reduction:

Equine facilitation can be a powerful tool for reducing stress, as the presence of horses can help to reduce anxiety, fear, and other negative emotions.


4. Improved emotional regulation:

By providing an opportunity to explore emotions in a safe environment, equine facilitation and coaching can help individuals learn to regulate their own emotions and become more in control of them.


5. Strengthened relationships:

Equine facilitation can help individuals to understand, appreciate, and build stronger relationships with family, friends, and colleagues.


6. Improved physical health:

Equine facilitation can be a great way to promote physical health, as it requires physical activity and encourages mindfulness.


7. Enhanced decision making:

Through activities with horses, individuals can explore how they can gain clarity and move forward with certainty when it comes to decision making.

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