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Horse InnerActions

Facilitated Experiences 
between Horses and Humans for Self Discovery, Personal Growth & Transformation

Blessed are those who experience the whispers from a horse’s heart.”

- Melisa Pearce

Why Horses?

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Horses are majestic and magical beings and people who have been in the presence of a horse often report the calming and healing effect they provide.


What makes them truly special is that they are highly attuned and sensitive to their surroundings. This gives them this very special ability to connect with humans on a deep emotional, mental, and energetic level that no other animal can match.


What Horses Can Do?

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Horses have long been used for therapeutic and coaching purposes due to their intelligence and highly sensitive nature. Horses can provide an incredible opportunity for people to gain insight into their lives and make lasting changes.

Horses are able to pick up on cues in body language and energy, allowing people to explore how they interact with the world and how they are perceived by others.

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Image by Avi Theret

What is Equine Facilitation?

Equine Facilitation offers a unique, transformative experience that utilizes the power and wisdom of horses mentioned above to bring about personal growth, transformation, and healing.


Through guided exercises and interactions with horses on the ground, individuals, couples, or groups can observe and interact with the horses in ways to help them gain insight, clarity, and understanding.

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Heike Hudson

More About

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Heike’s curiosity, studies, and credentials have always evolved around energies, vibration, health, wellbeing, and how all of this is related within and around us.

She is a Doctor of Naturopathy, Somatic Master Practitioner, Intimacy Coach, as well as Vibrational Healer and Soul Guide.

Heike is masterful at sensing energetic and relational dynamics and is a catalyst for change, bringing guidance, attunement, and alignment to people’s lives, relationships, and careers.

Image by Joseph Daniel

"When you understand the language of the horse,

it is an incredible experience. It is truly a language of love."

– Ginger Gaffney

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